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First consulate: ( Men )

1. Where are you traveling?
2. Who is your employer?
3. What is your client name?
4. Own product of the company, Ok then What is the product name?
5. What is your salary per month?
6. Ok, give me your project documents?
7. What are the documents you have regarding your employer?
8. Ok, wait for sometime. We will call you back.

Second consulate: ( Indian Women )

1. Are you going to work in the same location of your employer?
2. Give me your 1-797.
3. Wait for the next call.

Third Consulate: ( Women )

1. Thanks for waiting. Your visa is not approved as of now. We will let you know in some time.
2. I ask, Could you please provide me the reason for the refusal, Because in the blue slip it was stated that your visa was refused for administrative processing.
3. She said oh it’s because of some details that we need to verify, You don’t want to wait anymore you can leave, Please take all your documents and passport with you too.
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Any updates on your visa ? Please share I am in the same boat
Hey machman
 Are you still waiting on your visa or did you get it approved already? When was your interview?

I am still waiting ...Interview on March 15 , client verification done on March 23

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If your facts match, you will be issued H-1B visa after the administrative processing is done by the consulate.
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Hi what happened ? Did you get your visa? I am in the same boat.
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Hey Dharini and Ashok
 Did you/ when did you guys get your visas issued? Just trying to get an estimate time frame for my case.

Can you please update your status. My husband is in same boat. We are alone in US. It would be really helpful to take a decision.