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I attended my h4 restamping as i came down to India on vacation..

Passport collected and given 221g blue slip (administrative processing)

 Been 60+ days. No update yet. Still.shows AP. case not updated ever since DEC 11 2017...

Husband in US..

Interview date - DEC 8 (Ofc) & 11(interview)

Anybody in same boat?
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Please, could you provide you updates, my wife and daughter received 221g and still waiting?
It's been 92 days and still waiting for an update, brother!

How long has it been for your case? And any documents asked?

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Hope you get Visa very very soon, really very painful to wait for visa approval. I can understand the feeling.

H4 Visa Interview date- 21st Feb18, passport returned, they asked about h4 visa status, they were in L2 and moved H4.
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