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Hi, I am a little confused and seeking your suggestions on my below situation.

I have received the approved petition for 1 year in September 2017, valid up to September 2018

I went for stamping in January 2018 and got the visa, approved until September 2018

I am not finding a position with my employer, where I can travel, I have tried all means of forcing them but couldn't succeed

So, please suggest me if I should switch employer before the expiry and check if they can raise a transfer of visa. Also, please suggest if I switch employer post expiry, can they still apply for a transfer of visa or for filing a cap-exempt petition. I am in a confused state now and your suggestions or answers are highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
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I am assuming that you are outside USA. You can have a new employer file the H-1B petition before or after September 2018, get approval, and start working for them.
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