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Hello admin,

My EAD is expiring soon and I’m planing do my second masters to be in status. My question is that I’m having less then 6 months visa and I’m planing to go India. Is there someone who traveled outside US and got reentry with less then 6 month visa and if they've suggested some specific document to carry while leaving and reentry.

Please suggest my any PHD universities  in computer science as well.

Thank you.
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1 Answer

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Honestly, you should not be doing another degree to be in status. While some do this mistake, think about your long term plans and consider other countries, if you are losing options. I have seen few friends in this path and spent their next years in tragedy with immigration, job search, etc and confuse their lives.   We do not advise on schools, but I highly encourage you to think about other options for your career than just picking up another degree to stay in status...
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