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i appeared for my visa interview by 16th January and got 221g pink slip. Since it was my spring semester admission, there was a few time left in my hand to get my visa approved and I missed the deadline , apparently. However, my university deferred my admission for fall. Recently, I got another email that I need to submit my passport along with 221g slip and email print out. Does that mean. my visa is approved, although when I contacted with the visa consular office they told me to send a new I-20 copy (if I have). What to do right now?
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It sounds like an approval. They will need the I-20 for finalization. You should have one from before but ask the school for a new version.
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Thank you so much sir, I already asked. Can you tell me another think- if my sevis id and scholarship change for the fall semester, is there any chance of getting another 221g processing ?

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