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Hi All,

please provide your valuable info in my case..

1) I’m working in an MNC full time. My visa expired in October 2017 and my extended petition is valid till 2020 with my old employer with i94 extended till 2020.

2) I applied for a new company full time and the petition status is rfe replied currently and expecting an update by next week as it is filed in PP and didn’t join the company yet.

3) on an urgency I need to travel to India and get my Visa stamped through Drop Box which I’m eligible for.

4) will there be any issue at POE if my transfer petiton gets approved when I’m in India?

is there any risk of stamping on old employers petiton and travel back to work for Old employer??

i have plan to join the new employer after my return.

Awaiting your inputs.
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Any inputs? I am in same situation but my h1b transfer has been approved  with lesser duration. I am thinking to join new employer or not and i am still with old employer. Have to Travel to India on Urgency. Have stamping with dropbox option. Can i get stamped with my old employer even my H1b Transfer is approved? Any one have successful Visa stamping? Any inputs?
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Thanks Manudeep. Company A employer petition has validity till Jan 2020 and company B employer petition has validity till June 2021. Since I will be using company A petition at POE, I will be getting i94 date as Jan 2020. After entering US, I will be working for 2 weeks with company A and switching to Companby B. Since the i94  was granted based on company A’s petition, whether I can switch to company b without changing i94?
Hi Manudeep, Can you please let me know if you have any inputs? Thanks in advance.
Hi Manudeep,  i94  was granted based on company A’s petition, whether I can switch to company b without changing i94? Just i have approval notice from employer B which is valid till 2021. i need to get this i94 changed? Thanks.
i am in same situvation is you stamping go through without any questions? im not eligible for drop box so going for chennai consulate for stamping did they asked any questions about the other petition in progress ?

Your answer will be very helpfull. Thanks in advance
Hi ,

I didnt go for visa stamping, after COE approval I went for Dropbox with my Old Employer petition and no queries for me during drop box. I joined new company after coming back to US.

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