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I got my first L1 visa approved in 2009 and same was extended in 2011 as well. After few trips to USA during L1 visa period , due to some family medical situation returned back to India in 2013  which same year the L1 visa also got expired.

My dreams to USA becomes nightmare started from here.
Later, the same employer had applied L1B - Blanket for me in start of year 2016 but was not approved during the Immigration interview(PAI) and got 221G -blue slip. Two months later I had applied again the L1-Induvidual visa category which was also rejected. I was completely helpless and visa to USA became nightmare for me.

The same employer has now filled H1B petition for me this year 2018. Please share your input considering all above situation will my H1B be apporved.  What are the things to be prepare from my end for approving my case. Thanks!
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