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Hi ,

I have filed a H1B 2018 and it picked in lottery in 2017.

 My H1B denied on Sep 29 2017.

Applied MTR - Nov 01 2017



On January 23, 2018, we reopened your Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal to the Commissioner, Receipt Number WACXXXXXXX, and are reconsidering our earlier decision. We sent you a notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by February 22, 2018

1) Still how long it takes to get a decision?

2) Since the case was reopened,Is it a positive note that my MTR may get approved?

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This is kumar. My h1b denied on oct 24th 2017 and filed for mtr on 17 nov 2017. Still its show as case was received. Anyone filed for mtr in nov 2017? When can i expect update?
@vinu86 What was the reason for denial?
@vinu86, What was the reason for your H1B denial. Mine was denied for Level 1 wage.

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Hi - did your H1 status got changed? what does it say now?
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Is it worth filing for mtr or appeal ?  What was the reason for denial and did you provide any additional evidence for appeal. Confused to go with mtr or file new petition this year.

@vinu86 and @ satyajit   Did your h1 status got changed ?
No.. It still says received. @tony228
@Sri299 Level 1 wage is the reason for my denial. You can make an appeal within 33 days of receiving your decision. When did you receive yours? And you can make an appeal/mtr and also file for a new petition.
I received my denial notice on feb9th. Will post on further updates.
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Hi Vinu88,

We are almost in the same boat. 

Lottery picked in 2017.

Mid nov 2017 - rfe replied.

End of Nov 2017 - H1B Denied ( due to lack of sufficient detail to prove its a specialty occupation).

End of Dec 2017 - Appeal has been submitted to CA center. 

Jan 9th - case transfered to some other center, not sure where.

Jan 19th - We reopened your Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal to the Commissioner, and are reconsidering our earlier decision.

Jan 23th - Name and date of birth was updated. 

And then that's it, no other update since then. Is that a similar to you.? 

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@vinu86 can you email me to this email id [email protected] I need some information from you. Thank you.
@vinu86 What was the reason for initial denial? What kind of documents have you produced with MTR ?
Hello infamuz,
Did you got any  update on your MTR .. ?
Hello ,
Did you got any  update on your MTR .. ?
Even I am on the same thing . H1B got rejected on October 12 and I appealed it. On November 2018.
I didn’t received my new receipt number.

Still no update.
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Hi Vinu, What was the reason for your denial in the first place?
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