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Hello Guys,

I am in CPT current doing my 2nd masters(with different school) and have F1 valid visa till june 2018. I am planning to travel from feb-mar. Is 3 months of valid visa should be good for port of entry or Do I need get stamping on my 2nd school. Please advice.
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Hey, I am going to face similar situation where my F-1 visa is going to be expired in Dec 18 but I have to travel abroad in Sept. I am now confused if I can travel or not.

Did you face any issues at the Port of entry?

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As long as you have valid visa when you enter US at POE, you should be fine. I know my cousin had like 1 month left on his visa and he re-entered US safely at POE.  Make sure you carry all your documents from University on your status, check with DSO, if anything is given from their side and carry the same.
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