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I have received my I 129 and I 797 approval copy from my employer for H1B visa stamping since my H1B petition got approved. I noticed the below error:

Name in Passport:

First Name (Given Name):  ABC

Last Name (SurName): XYZ  (actually my father name is here)

Name printed in I 129 & I 797 copy:

First Name (Given Name):   XYZ  (actually my father name is here)

Last Name (SurName):  ABC

I am worried and i have below question:

1. Do i need to change the name before stamping?? ( Is it okay to change it later on) ( because except this I 129 and I 797) i have correct names.

2. There is no letter missed .Instead it was misplaced

3. If suppose, i need to change it before stamping , please let me know the procedure, time for processing and fees? 

Any answer can help me in taking decision faster.. Many thanks in advance

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