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Hi All,

My employer received the 5*7 yellow card as my H1B Denial letter from USCIS,but when I check the portal there is no update after “ mailed you a receipt notice.“

This is my first visa extension and I still have 3 years of my H1 , my question to my fellow friends are .

1. Can any other employer apply for transfer on my existing H1 ?

2. If I do my COS to H4 after how long can I apply for  H4EAD?

3.or should I Apply for New H1 for 2018 CAP?

Thanks in Advance

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1) Has your current H1b expired? If no, then you can transfer.

2) Does the H1 holder has his I-140 approved ? If he does, you may apply once your H4 CoS is approved.

3) I dont think so.
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Hi Ramanan,

My current H1 has been denied.

I have applied for  H4 COS and H4EAD .With this valid i94 can i reply my H1 ?


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