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I and my spouse both work for the same organization and we both have H1B visas and worked in the US for close to 3 years since 2013/14.

1st half of 2016 - We both had traveled back from the US to India and both had filed for extension petition on our respective H1Bs.

2nd half of 2016 - We both got approved on our H1B extensions. However, only I got my H1B extension stamped. Initiated H4 stamping for my spouse instead of her H1B extension.

1st half of 2017 - Both flew to the US. Me on H1B and my spouse on H4.

2nd half of 2017 - Both traveled back to India as my H1B is due extension. Filed for Extension on my H1B along with my spouse's H4 extension on the same petition. This is filed in premium and is currently pending for decision with USCIS.


My wife wants to travel back to the US on her H1B that was approved in 2016 (valid till 2019). We are in the process of raising a stamping request for the same.

With the extension petition filed in premium for my H1B and her H4 jointly in progress, is it possible for her to get her H1B stamped (originally approved in 2016 till 2019) ? Do I have a way to withdraw her H4 extension alone without affecting my H1B (since it is a joint petition) ? Is her H1B extension that was originally approved in 2016 still valid for stamping ? (though she had traveled to the US on an H4 in 2017)


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