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My employer applied for H1B extension on 08/02/2017. It was upgraded to PP on 11/17/2017. We received RFE on 30th November. My employer is yet to respond to that RFE and my Visa expired on 31st October 2017. I need to travel to India and that can't be avoided. If I travel now while RFE response is pending, what will be the implications?  

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You can certainly go back to India (except through Europe, which needs a valid USA visa to transit), but you cannot come back, until your extension is approved and you have to get your visa stamped again in India.
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Thanks a lot Ramanan... I am actually planning to do that... Will be taking direct flight to India...But i heard that when RFE response is yet to file, I need to present in USA physically...Is that true?
@DG2018 I have the same situation. I need to travel to India but my h1B transfer is pending under RFE.  Did you face any difficulties while coming back?  What steps do you take?

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