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Hello Team,

Today I received the decision on my H1b extension and unfortunately it is denied by USCIS. What are my next possible options.

Background information  - May 2015 - Jan 2016 [H4] , Jan 2016 - Sept 2017 - [H1B]

H1b Extension applied (May 2017) --> Duplicate notice was mailed --> Name was updated --> Denied (Dec 17)

1. How long i can stay in US with this condition. My H1B and I-94 are expired in September

2. Can i COS to H4 while living in the US with I-94 expired or do i need to re-enter to US with valid H4 stamping

3. Am i eligible for drop box for H4 as my H1B visa expired in September only.

4. Should i go with my current employer for filing new H1b or i need to look for new sponsor once i re-enter to US on H4

Please help.
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Hi, I am also looking for same answers. Can you let me know what happened with your case. Please help. Here is my email [email protected]

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I am in the same boat, what was your approach? Did you file for appeal or new application? How did u gain legal status?Please advice

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