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Hi All,

I got my case picked in the lottery in April but not have heard back anything from the USCIS yet.

My company is not ready to initiate a premium processing yet. However, there has been no RFE/further notice in my case yet.

Do you have any insights as in when the applications would be processed completely?

Is it worth applying the premium processing at this moment?
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Greetings from Danta Technologies. We are a consulting firm. We can sponsor H1b Visa for 2018 if your employer is not sponsoring the Visa.

If you're in the U.S. and currently on a project have CPT, OPT, L1, B1 or any work authorization we can sponsor you H1b visa.

You need to be on the Project in the U.S.

We can not sponsor H1b visa for those who are overseas and to those who have H4.

Send your resume or inquiry to

 [email protected]

Thank you,

Danta Technologies Team.
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