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Thanks for taking time to read my post!

I collected my passport today (9th-Dec-2017) and found that I was given a blue 221(g) with ONLY "Please appear for an interview with a consular officer ..." ticked. No documents are requested. None of the other options are selected. Below is my situation;

1. Visa type: H1B
2. Interview type: Dropbox
3. Consulate: Chennai
4. Appeared for interview on: 4th-Dec-2017
5. Documents submitted during interview: old and new I-797 photocopies, Photograph and passport

Other information;
1. Few months back I changed my job. Now I have a full time employment from a reputed US company.
2. I went on a 4 day trip to Cambodia before reaching India.

3. My GC process is initiated. Yet to receive I140.

4. In my current H1b 6 year tenure is at 30-Aug-2018.

My questions;
1. Has anyone been in this situation before?
2. Should I go to the same Chennai dropbox location or should I go the location where stamping interviews are conducted?
3. Other than the 221(g) and passport, should I carry any document?
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Hi .. I am in a similar boat. I lost my valid visa/passport in the US. Eligible for drop box, dropped off docs on 11/20, collected passport on 11/28 with 221g to appear for interview. Attended interview on 11/30.
You need to be at interview location. Treat it like any other stamping interview. Employment verification, resume, salary verification , i-797 etc.
Thanks for the reply!

Just to clarify, you visited the stamping interview location. Not the location where you submitted your docs during dropbox. Am I rite?

Thank you once again.
That is correct.. However I got another 221g for further administrative processing after the interview.

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