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My h1b expires in 2 weeks from today.  The premium extension petition got rfe today.  My Spouse is still back in my home country.  Now can she travel to USA now? Please let me know when can I have her here with me.
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Is your spouse's dependent visa stamped? Since your H1b is expiring in 2 weeks I assume if your spouses is stamped it will expire in 2 weeks too. In that case best is to have him/her in united states after ur extension is approved. Just a suggestion.
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The strange thing is that my spouse got her h4 visa stamped till 2021 and my h1b till November 2017. So in this case will she be able to come to usa even if my visa is expired since she has a valid stamping till 2021?
She is lucky :).. but I am sorry I am not sure, better you can ask your company attorney/immigration team. Good Luck!

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