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I'm an International student on F-1 Visa who got my SEVIS terminated 3 months ago and received a new I-20 with a different SEVIS for Spring-2018. I've learned that I can make a re-entry on my old Visa (valid until 2020) with my new I-20, within the 5-month period. Am I right? Will there be any problem for me at the Port of Entry? Can my entry be denied because of my previous termination?

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Normally you can enter on the same visa. I entered but my sevis was terminated was authorised early withdrawal which is not a negative indication. Also there might be problems after entering US too( such as OPT extension permission etc) in the future since travel and reentery does not forgive past mistakes while reinstatement does. I know some US immigration attorneys in Boston (I'm in NEU) so if you want to know more post a comment to let me know I can help you cause I've been through the same stuff.
what are my chances to renew my f1 visa? sevis terminated  while on academic suspension due to poor academic results(due to my lack of concentration caused by a family issue back home) I had a breakdown . I traveled back home before my visa expired. and the family issue was resolved during the academic suspension year . I was able to visit the hospital and visited a psychiatrist ,now I believe am able to resume my studies . what are my chances to get back to my school and I was wondering what are my chances to renew my f1 visa?

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Yes, you can use your new I-20 to re-enter US within 5 months.  Check the USCIS 5 month rule on .gov Website 

Well, Port of entry process is a total different ball game. You will need to have right answers and the CBP officer needs to be convinced. It is like a visa interview...so, it is hard to tell...you may have it easy go or may be difficult. So be prepared. There is no guratee for anything though.

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