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I was issued 221g for the first time in Dec 2016 mainly because of Employer-Vendor-Client model and later they made site visit to vendor and client location. Unfortunately, both of them shifted to the new work location in US. Hence, I was issued RFE for clarification. Same time my petitioner applied for new LCA for change in work location and amended new petition and got approved. Immediately after approval and taking appointment for interview.  I received an email from US consulate Chennai that your visa is denied and recommended to USICS for revoke as per section 212 a)(6)(c)(i). Later, I attended Visa interview for amended petition and again 221g was issued 2 months before. Recently, my client was verified over the email and afterwards no update in the status.

Please guide me whether I get the visa approval this time. If not, am I still eligible to apply for new petition through new client although my first petition was denied.
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