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Hello All,

I was in USA on L1B with Company A till 15-May-17 , but I have valid L1B VISA till 15-Apr-18.

I have applied for H1B from Company B during my stay in USA on 1-Apr-17.

I came back to India in 15-May-17, Currently I am in India , but my L1B is valid till 15-Apr-18. 

I got “change of status” L1B to H1B approved on 2-Oct-17.

As it is risky to attend H1B stamping in India, my friends are suggesting to travel on L1B which is valid till 15-Apr-18 and change to H1B after landing in USA

Can I travel on L1B  and once I reach can I apply for change of status .. ? will L1B  valid still?

Is this legal .. ?

Please suggest me on this.

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