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I received RFE for Employer - Employee relationship for H1B Cap 2018 on June 16 and had submitted the documents on 13 th July.

I am still awaiting any updates from USCIS as conveyed by my employer.

Could you please help me with some information as to when I can expect my petition status, it's almost 2.5 months and its really toying with my patience.

I am thinking of resignation since I have a good offer but most of them are of the view I shouldn't since my petition will be approved and I can expect it in October, that's what they say.

Really appreciate your thoughts on the petetion timeline and status .

I have submitted the following documents -

1. End Client Letter.
2. BRM letter.
3. SoW till next year July 2018.
4. MSA till 2020.
5. Last 3 months invoice.
6. Recent promotion letter.
7. Offer letter.
8. Joining Letter.
9. Recent compensation Letter.
10. Last 3 months salary slip.
11. Direct Supervisor details document.
12. Organizational chart document.
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I am in the same situation. I got RFE on July 22nd. My attorney submitted my RFE documents recently on October 12th.

I had researched on various websites, they say after the RFE documents are submitted it takes 60-90 days for the approval. Let me know if yours gets approved sooner.

Hi Dimple,
                 I'm in the same situation right now. Hope the 2nd RFE doesn't popup in future. You can expect the result by 1.5 months or 2 months approximately. I can't surely say that but, you may get the status soon if you are lucky enough. All the best.

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Hi Kishan,

              To be precise it's not mandate that you get an RFE for once.One of my colleague was asked to re-submit the documents and got the RFE 2nd time. It takes 1.5 months to 2 months to get the status of the petition(If you are lucky enough). All the Best.
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Yes I am aware of it , my objective behind posting the above here is to get some insights and views of others.

Its almost 2.5 months since my RFE was submitted but still awaiting update.
did you receive response to RFE?

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