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Hello Sir ,

I came US this year using my H1B approval and have a valid i-94 up Dec 2018. I would like to convert my H1 B to L1B/A , so that my spouse can get EAD. My company is ok for this.

1. I would like to know is there any chance that my new L1B/A get rejected as I am currently in H1b?

2. I am in USA so do I need a stamping if at all my L1b is applied and get approved.

3. If I get my L1b does it mean that my H1b is revoked? Is there any chance to apply for an H1B extension in the future without going through the CAP?

4. If my L1B/A is rejected ..will it also impact my current H1B and cancel it ? Or will I be able to maintain my H1b Status.


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