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I am currently working full-time on H1B for my employer (2nd year). I want to do an MBA so I should shift back to F1 student visa. I have used up my OPT and CPT with my previous university for my Master’s degree and I have the following questions –

1) Will I have the remainder of my H1B (approximately 4 years) left when I graduate and will I be able to change my status directly from F1 to H1B? Or will I be subject to the cap again and go through lottery?

2) I already have a master’s degree and have already used up my OPT. Will I be able to do a summer internship on CPT?

3) Will I be eligible to get another term of one year OPT for my MBA or has this already been exhausted due to my previous masters?

Your answer will really help with my decision.

Thanks and regards,


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