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I received my lottery receipt on April 25, 2017. Thus far my case status still shows the same in attorney portal. I checked with my employer and they say that case status is still pending with USCIS. I would like to ask A) is this a cause of concern? B) is the USCIS bound to turn around each case by Oct 1? C) do we have anybody else sailing in the same boat?
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Did any of you got the approvals last year I am in the same boat this year

2 Answers

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A) I guess not since you are not alone

B) No

C) Yes
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I have an exactly same issue.Is there a case of rejection also in such a scenario?I am being overtly pessimistic but still.Almost everyone has got either approval or rfe except three of us
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Same status. no update. Case is still in received status...

Please keep updating with the status.
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Still the same status. My team had 6 cases picked 1 is approved, 4 RFEs and mine is the lone which hasn't gone either way yet.
Foe mw, no update for all the cases files under the company. :(
I am planning for premium processing. Any one has applied for premium yet??

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