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Hello Everyone,

I filed my new H1b while I was working for client A and my application got picked in the lottery. Later my contract with client A is finished and I got a new opportunity with Client B which is 1 Mile away from client A.

My LCA was opened to the street address of Client A location.

Now I received an RFE asking me to Provide:

1) Client Letter

2) Employee - Employer relationship (Right to Control)
3) Speciality Occupation
4) Level 1 Wage 

Questions 2,3,4 are answerable but when coming to Question 1, am no more with Client A, I may have to provide all the documents from client B.

1) Is my LCA still valid as the contract ended with client A?

2) Can I amend my LCA to the new client B and submit other documents? 

Please provide me with your valuable suggestions. If anyone has already faced such Issue please help with your inputs.

Thanks in Advance

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