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My current company filed H1B extension for me and H4/H4 EAD extension for my spouse in July. I'm joining a new company which are going to file H1B/H4 transfer for us. We need to make a decision soon about whether or not filing a new H4 EAD extension petition along with the H4 transfer or just relying on the existing H4 EAD extension.

My understanding is if I leave current company after the H1B transfer is approved, my H1B status will keep valid and thus the H4 extension for my wife (assume approved at that moment) will also be valid, although it was filed with a different H1B petition which maybe revoked by my current company. In such case, the current H4 EAD extension won't be affected even if it is still in pending status, and we don't need to file a new H4 EAD extension petition.

Is my understanding correct? Please advise.

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Hi Lake10,

I am exactly in the same situation like you. What happened in your case?? Did your spouse's H4 EAD get approved without reapplying after H1B transfer?? It would be very helpful if you could share your experience on this matter.


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Your understanding of this matter is correct. A new H-4 EAD extension petition is not needed
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