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Need Advice...

 I am looking for info on H4 to H1 Change of Status (COS)

 Here’s the scenario.

 I am currently on H4 and filled h1 in April 2016. My H1 application got selected in lottery and recently received RFE. H1 application is filled with Change of Status from H4 to H1. Now as it’s in RFE status I am not sure when it will be approved (if I get approval)

 I also filled H4-EAD based on new rule and my EAD is approved. I am planning to search job on H4 EAD now, as I can start working.

 After I start working with employer A based H4 EAD, if my H1 is approved which is filled from employer B and with COS. Do I lose my H4 status on receiving my H1 approval ?

Or I can still continue to work on H4 EAD as H1 approval is from different employer and I will paid by employer A.

Thank you..

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1 Answer

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As soon as your H1B and COS is approved, your H4 status becomes invalid. So does the EAD. You will have to stop working with Employer A as soon as H1B is approved. You can initiate transfer from B to A and then work for Employer A on H1B.
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