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Hi, I am currently residing in the USA on F2 visa and my husband is on OPT. I recently applied for H1B and the got picked in the lottery, however there are rfe's on my H1.

I have two questions:

1. Will there be any changes in my Sevis ID because of the H1 processing.

2.Can I travel to India in the month of September and come back by October 1st week on my F2 visa. Note: During my travel my husband would still be on F1 opt and also his H1 is in process.

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1 Answer

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Your stamped F-2 is a valid travel document until an actual status change occurs. This is the only visa category you must travel under. At port of entry, only your I-20 related documents and F-2 visa are required.
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Thank you for the response, while I am in India if my H1 gets approved (rfe gets cleared) will that be considered as status change?
2. If the H1 gets approved can I travel back on F2 without getting my H1 stamped.

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