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I recently submitted documents drop box at Hyderabad VAC on 25 July for H1 , H4  I received email from consulate after 3 days , to come for finger prints.

I went to consulate the given finger prints Yesterday.  No update so far.  

I have new passport and change of employer.  Any idea, when i will get my passports? I need to travel to USA urgent.


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Hi Vijay,

How long it took for you to get the passport to hand.
I have same situation . Submitted documents drop box at Hyderabad VAC on 18 December for H1. Got a call on Dec 22nd to come for finger prints.
Apart from finger prints, any other other documents they asked? Is there any interview happened?

Hi, I called only for figurine prints, no documents asked, but safe side I took all documents.  Next day I received update to collect the passports.
Thank you for the reply. Will wait till Jan 3rd for the Finger prints date.

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You will either be called for an interview or receive passport with stamped visa in mail. I think you will receive the visa. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks because the fingerprint check goes into a global database these days.
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to update the status of my visa, I have issued visa 2 days after finger prints.

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