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The lawyer my company retained to sponsor my green card billed us USD 18,000. All he did was to explain the green card application process, make us write a job description and tell us that he thinks my case wouldn't succeed and my company would get audited for it (although I know many people with similar credentials who already obtained green cards). Did he swindle us? His office is in NYC.
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A profile review should not cost more than $450 to $600. You should offer your company to pay for a second opinion. If they agree, ask this forum and its members to recommend a suitable law firm.
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So generally speaking, it seems that we were seriously overcharged for a not-so-effective assistance. This is the profile of the lawyer ). Would his experience and title change such assessment?

How much would big firms like Fragomen charge in such a situation (and for green card applications in general)?

I would need to disclose the fact that my employer had about 4 or 5 telephone conferences with that lawyer, but that was at least partly because the lawyer kept instructing us to change our job descriptions (although he apparently had already concluded that our case was a lost cause). His firm first forgot our case for about 5 months and when it was found out (by our inquiry), he didn't apologize, not even once, and instead only said that he could not comment on it. He spent another 5 months before he gave us his negative advice. At that point, it was too late for us to get a second opinion or do anything.
Thank you for your response, by the way.
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You may want to remove the reference and link to the law firm in your response to us because you don't want to be a named party to slander. This firm is not supportive of immigration and mostly collects fees from companies only to tell them why something will not work instead of suggesting remedies and telling companies what exactly will work.
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