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I got my H1B visa picked in 2015 lottery, However the validity of the I797B was only for 6 months. Anyhow I had my visa stamped on my passport with given petition. So I have expired visa stamp on my passport without travel to USA. Later my company applied for cap exempt for the extension of my visa and it got approved with a new issue of I797 B. After this my work location changed, So my company had a LCA changed.

I have a hard copy of the expired I797B and soft copy of extended I797B after cap exempt. There are certain questions which I wanted to ask.

1) Is there a issue of new I797B after LCA Change.

2) As my wife also hold a H1B visa and she is about to travel in some time and I am planning to go on H4 dependent with her. Can I utilize my Old I797B or the Extended I797B copy  to have my cap exempt done by other employer while being on dependent in USA.

3) Is it legal to search job with old petition.

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