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I attended my H1b stamping interview in Kolkata consulate in oct 18th 2012.

VO asked me simple questions and in end she said she needs some more time to approve my visa.She said it should be done by today EOD or maximum by 1 week.

She also handed me white slip but didnt tick anything and kept my passport and all documents.

same day I got an email from Kolkata consulate that they need contract between my Eand V since I am in EVC model.

My lawyer submitted docs on 23rd oct but after that there is no rreply on my case.

they didnt even give me tracking number too :(

anybody on same boat?

Please help..
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Same is my case. I attended my interview on oct 22nd 2012 and was given a white slip 221g asking for the current contract between my employer and vendor ( I had my contract at the time i aplied my H1B). The interviewing officer told the exact same thing that he will send it in one week. But till now i did not receive any confirmation from them. The status says "In transit to post" which means they are still processing. I am vexed with this process.

All in all, I am on the same boat.
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Yes Same is my case. I attended the interview at Kolkata on 26th Nov and they issues 221g without any documents asked. Only thing check marked was "others" option and he wrote "verifications". They have not sent me any email yet. I dont know what to do
There is a new development in my case. I had submitted my documents at the team stanley OFC on oct 25th. Since then my status was in "transit to post". But when i went and enquired about the same on dec 5th, To my surprise there was an update on that day saying "Delivered to post". Tis cant be coincidence. They have kept my documents and did not submit to the embassy. So people i thoroughly recommend submitting documents either by mail or keep perfect track of the documents you submitted.
Hi sawan1984,
Same in my case .I attended the interview at Kolkata on 6th June 2013 and they issues 221g without any documents asked. Only thing check marked was "others" option and he wrote "verifications". I or my employer did not get any email. Please let me know what happend in your case and how long it will take the process?

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