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I am currently working with Employer A in India from last one year. Employer A is one of the leading service companies in India and have office in US as well. I have applied H1B visa this year from another potential employer i.e Employer B and got successful into the H1B lottery 2017 last week. Employer B is a small Service Company/Consultancy.

But as I am looking for a long term association with Employer A, so I want to get this Visa transferred from Employer B to Employer A.  So I need your guidance for the process that I should follow to transfer my H1B to Employer A. Employer B has shared soft copy of I-797C with me over the email, that has I129 Acknowledgement Receipt number in it.

I have few questions in my mind at this point of time, please help me to illuminate these doubts.

1.    What is the right time/process to transfer H1B Visa in this case?
     - Can I transfer it before stamping (right now)
     - or It can be transferred only after stamping (in October)?
2.    If Visa transfer can be done only after stamping, then do I need to travel US and get 3 payslips from Employer B before initiating transfer to other Employer (I have read this somewhere, but not sure in my case) ? Or there is no need to travel to US and it can be transferred from India itself without payslips after stamping.    
3.    Do I need to inform/or take consent of Employer B, before initiating Visa transfer process.
4.    Can Employer B cancel my petition or stop my Visa transfer process?
5.    As Employer B has shared the soft copy of I-797C with me. To get this Visa transferred to Employer A, do we need to Hard copy of the same or some other document as well?
6.    Employer B might have spent some cost also (some amount of $6460.00 is mentioned on the receipt that I have got), how that amount will be adjusted.
    - For e.g. Do Employer A have to pay that fee again and Employer B will get that amount back. Or some other way is there.
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