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Need an urgent help !! I am on H4 visa. I traveled to India in March. Before applying H1B.

Now H1B petiton picked up in lottery. I am travelling back on 1st June. 

Below are the few questions:

1. Will i face any issues while travel back to US on H4 as h1b petition yet to arrive.

2. Any conflict expected while issuing i94 at Port of Entry?

3. Can i travel to usa before h1 approval if yes would it affect my h1 approval or cos?

4. If in case i travel to usa after h1 approval on h4 visa vll my status be changed ? if yes then how can i change back to h1 and start working on h1 in oct.

Thanks in advance..!!

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Your H4 is a valid travel document until your change of status becomes effective.
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Thanks for the reply shankar,
I read in the multiple posts that COS will become abandoned if i travel outside US when my h1 application is under processing. could you please share your opinion on this. If yes can i apply COS once i am in USA without going for h1 stamping

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