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My H1-B 2013 status RFE review for quite long, is current process too slow?

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I got my H1B filed towards end of May 2012 & it was accepted.

I got RFE in Aug 1st week; the status changed to Request for Evidence Response Review on Nov 9.

How long does it take to review the documents sent by my employer.

Is the current process too slow?





asked Nov 25, 2012 in H1B Visa by Prannu (160 points)

1 Answer

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It depends.

Some petitions are getting approved in 1-2 days after RFE response is submitted while some take months.

I know one of my friend's petition is in RFE review since Oct 5th, 2012. Where as my petition was approved in 6 days after RFE response.
answered Nov 25, 2012 by allendsup23 (3,730 points)

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