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Here is the scenario in my case:
1. Valid petition ending 31 Dec 2017
2. Got the H1B visa stamped in Nov 2016 and visa is valid till 31 Dec 2017.
3. Never traveled on this visa yet. I am planning to travel by 1 Jul 2017

My question are:
1) Would there by any issue in my case at the port of entry?
2) What is the minimum validity required for traveling on H1B visa, especially when I have never traveled on that visa?
3) When should my employer apply for the extension?
4) If a person able to save 1 lakh in India after major expenses, is it right to go to US now with risk?
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1 Answer

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1) There should be no issue at POE

2) You can travel anytime before petition expires

3)Extension should be applied before 3-4 months of Expiry

4) You should atleast stay in US for few months and decide yourself.
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