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I'm currently in the U.S since 1.5 years and I am considering coming back to India for 1-month (possibly May) due to health reasons.

Since my H1B had expired last year and I was given a 1 year extension, I understand that I would have to get my Visa stamped again before re-entry into the U.S.

The questions on which I don't have any clarity are:

1) I had got my first stamp on the H1B visa at the Chennai Consulate.  Will I be eligible for dropbox in Mumbai?

2) Also, since my visa expires on Aug, 2017 and since my current role is 'Computer Programmer' (15-1131), do you see any risk in getting the stamping done on May 2017? Can there be an RFE for the second stamp?

Anyone who has already been through / witnessed a similar experience can provide valuable inputs.

Please advice.


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1 Answer

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1. You can opt for dropbox at any consulate as long as you qualify for dropbox.

2. Just the job role doesn't disqualify a person. If you have Bachelor's degree and/or multiple years of experience, it should be fine. Still your attorney is in a better position to review and comment.
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