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Hi, I am currently in the US on L1 visa. I am planning to go home and stamp F1 visa to start studying. Can I return to the US and work for a few more weeks after F1 is stamped but studying not yet started?

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Well, I am not sure, if the consular will leave your L1 visa in passport without marking it as cancelled. If they leave it open as valid, then you can enter US on L1 visa ( provided it is valid and you have job with same employer) and work on L1 visa for your employer and then apply for a change of status from L1 to F1.
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This could create problems.  If your I-94 doesn't have the stamp corresponding to your F1 visa, you'll have trouble when you register at your university.  AFAIK, no university lets international students register without a proper I-94 stamp.  OP will have to again go through immigration to get the right I-94 stamp.

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