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H1B petition approved not stamped, Can I go for L1B visa interview?

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I have multiple questions. Please help me with your suggestions/ Answers.

I currently work for employer ABC and they are asking me to go for L1B (Blanket), visa stamping. I have H1B petition approved but not stamped with Employer XYZ. I don't have H1B approved petition copy. All I have is case number.

1. Can I go for L1B visa interview and will nothing happen to my H1B petition?

2. Since I haven't travelled on my H1B, Can I transfer my H1B petition from employer XYZ to employer ABC?

3. Is it possible to transfer my H1B petition to employer ABC without having case copy?

Please help.
asked Mar 20 in L1, L2, H4, B Visas & Misc by tasmohan (120 points)

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