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H1B petition approved not stamped, Can I go for L1B visa interview?

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I have multiple questions. Please help me with your suggestions/ Answers.

I currently work for employer ABC and they are asking me to go for L1B (Blanket), visa stamping. I have H1B petition approved but not stamped with Employer XYZ. I don't have H1B approved petition copy. All I have is case number.

1. Can I go for L1B visa interview and will nothing happen to my H1B petition?

2. Since I haven't travelled on my H1B, Can I transfer my H1B petition from employer XYZ to employer ABC?

3. Is it possible to transfer my H1B petition to employer ABC without having case copy?

Please help.
asked 3 days ago in L1, L2, H4, B Visas & Misc by tasmohan (120 points)

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