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Travel on Old Employer Valid Visa and with new Employer receipt notice

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Hi Saurabh,

I travelled to India last week in an emergency and I am in India now, I have changed my employer a few months back and I am working for him although my transfer is still in process, my new employer responded to an RFE and it is pending for approval.

However, I have my H1B Visa stamped with my old employer and it is  valid till 2018, so now can I travel back to US with my old employer Visa and with the receipt notice of my new employer ( as my new I797 is not approved yet and the transfer is still in process)? I am planning to travel in march last week so please suggest me. Also, my previous employer has already revoked his petition against which I have the valid Visa.

Please guide me in right direction.

Thanks for your help


asked Mar 15 in H1B Visa by BOBB (170 points)

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