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Hello ,

my wife got f2 visa rejection two times both time vo didn't ask more than 3 4 questions and rejected ?

what could be the reason ?

should we apply for her F1 visa now ?
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Ohh. May i suggest you one thing.. you after expiry date of f1 can change it to j1 and you and your wife together can apply for j1 and j2. You can check on that. Though I am not sure and only suggesting you.
Is it possible to go to canada directly from USA and if it possible can you tell me how?
yes express entry you have to get 430+ points in that you can text me on fouronenine three78 fiveone84
how we get j1 ? wouldnt be conflict of applying purpose to come usa ?
I have only suggested so that you can ask to other people or advocate.. i only said the thing of my mind.. not sure though..
If you can go to canada than it could be more better than USA.
Good luck
thank you what u have decided ? call me if u can may b we can have something to share

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