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Hi ,

I am working in US on L1B visa and will be getting married on June 2nd in India.

I am planning to bring my wife here on L2. For that, I have already filled Ds160 form for her with marital status as “married” and scheduled interview for 8th June.

I also need to get my visa re-stamped and going to India in April for re-stamping my L1 visa. I have scheduled my visa interview for April 3rd.  I completed my DS160 with marital status as “single”.

Since dependent L2 visa application has reference of my visa petition number -

My Question is

  1. Will there be any concerns from Visa officer, during my visa interview about my wife-to-be visa appointment.
  2. During my visa interview, Will my wife-to-be DS160 form pop up and visa officer has concern about my marital status.

Please help guys.

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1 Answer

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you have to manage marriage certificate before to go for stamping. how can you get it in two days.
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