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Any one going with collabera this year for H1b 2017 .

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Any one going with collabera this year for H1b 2017 . Please send  your nu mber we will make whatup group and help each other.Any body applying for h1b 2017 from  . 

Please reply on this chat we will help each other

asked Feb 17 in H1B Visa by jainpran (270 points)

Please send me your contact at [email protected]


3 Answers

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Hey, mine was selected in lottery but not yet stamped, what about u?
answered Mar 18 by nameuser (140 points)
Can u please share collabera contact to [email protected]
Please share contact number at [email protected]
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I know one consultancy name EasyPay. Can you give me refernce or contact person in collabera.

My id is [email protected]
answered Mar 23 by amit raheja (180 points)
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Hey I got selected too. please mail me your contact on [email protected]
answered Aug 4 by constantineblade (140 points)

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