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Hi Members,

I have applied for COS H4 to F1 and just received RFE  for some documents lacking for supporting for F1.

1.Submit documentation to establish that you have a foreign residence, in which you have no intention of abandoning , where you intend to reside at the expiration of your temporary stay in the United States. Such documentary evidence may include ,but is not limited to, current telephone bills, current Utility bills, current Mortgage statements, current rental agreement, or current rent receipts, for your residence abroad. NOTE : This request for evidence pertains to your residence abroad, not your temporary residence in the United States.

2.Submit a statement in which you describe your intention concerning departure from the Unites States  upon completion of your proposed stay.

3.Submit in detailed statement about the impact that this proposed stay will have on your native residency, your job, and your family.

Please advise and provide your guidance .


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