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F2 Visa got rejected as Spouse's Status was showing Single instead of married in Visa Officer's Database

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My spouse applied for f1 visa on 7th may 2015.he got the visa on 7th and he received his passport with visa on 8th in india.So the visa date was printed as 8th in passport even when he received his visa on 7th may.Now On 8th May 2015 I and my spouse got married.Soon After that my spouse went to USA on 15th May 2015.He forgot to update his married status during his port of entry in USA.Now I applied for f2 visa on 17 th November 2016.Visa officer got confused about the coincidence of same date of my spouse visa and our marriage date. After that visa officer asked me that why is your spouse status showing as single in our database even though you both are married?.visa officer rejected my visa based on that and advised me to reapply but they dint gave the exact reason for rejection.So what I should do now as I am trying to reapply for F2 visa in February 2017.Is there any way where my spouse can change his relationship status from single to married and which will get reflected in visa officer's database.Please help me out with it.

asked Jan 10 in L1, L2, H4, B Visas & Misc by Tanvi Sharma (120 points)

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