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If the new H1B bill with 100k salary cap is introduced, how will it affect the current H1B holders?

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Will the H1B holders who earn less than 100k continue to hold their VISA? Or will employers have to bump their salary/lay them off? This will mostly affect employment in non-IT fields as salaries are not always above 100k.
asked Jan 10 in H1B Visa by mustangenthu (280 points)

2 Answers

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Most of the low profile H jobs will vanish. New H aspirants  would not have any chance in future. Totally its bad for visa based jobs.
answered Jan 11 by ImmiGeek (24,700 points)
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I am talking about the current job holders who earn less than 100k and not the new aspirants. Can the current holders of H1B continue their employment?
answered 4 days ago by mustangenthu (280 points)

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