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I am an Indian currently working for an employer on H1-B visa transfer with petition submitted on August 1st with Regular Processing and got receipt number on august 14th  and i have valid visa with my old employer until june 17th  2017.I am planning to visit my sister marriage om march 1st and return back on march 25th 2017. Can i visit india when my visa transfer is under process with new employer and with valid stamped visa under old employer . Please can anyone help me on this?
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frankly speaking, its a yes/no type of question. In general its always recommended not to travel in case of h1B is in process. In case of exceptional cases, you have to take a risk. no other choice. Be careful that during your return journey don't keep the POE to some specific locations such as Chicago, SFO etc., there the checking might be always risky.
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