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     I applied for my H1B through Bhrigus Inc located at New Jersey but didn't get my refund yet.I did lot of mails and calls but they are not responding. Please let me know if anyone applied through Bhrigus inc?
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I have filed H1B from Bhrigus Inc but have not got my money yet. They are cheaters. I request you to log a complain here

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Same with me. It seems we got cheated by this fraud consultant.
And not sure how to get refund from them as they don't bother to respond emails and call.
I am now feeling that they might not have applied for visa also, just made LCA and fooled us
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I would recommend everyone to report the case of [email protected] and [email protected] This would help others from falling into trap.
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Bhrigus inc is a big cheating company and big fraud. Going to file a case and its sister companies in Hyd & Bng

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