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My wife is pursuing PhD from a renowned institute in India in field of sensors in biomedical applications which will completed in a few months. I got H1B visa recently, since she is yet to complete PhD she has not applied for H4 visa and will not be accompanying me.
I'd like to know if she can get J. Visa for pursuing post doc. Or is it better option to search for post doc on H4 visa.
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Well, she is eligible to apply for J1 or any other visa independently...it will not be related to your H1B though and not tied to your status of H1B. Your spouse cannot work or get paid on H4 visa, until she is eligible for H4 Visa EAD . On the other side, with J1 visa, there will be some restrictions that your spouse has to return back to home country to share knowledge, etc. I suggest you read  J1 - US Gov FAQs . So, it is a choice you need to make based on your situation. 

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