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Thanks for reply !.

On the same note, I hold B1 Visa (Travelled 3 times before). In this case can I travel to US with B1 Visa. If consultancy in US is ready to process my H1B petition Transfer (approved in Jan-2011 and never stamped and traveled in H1B before) on arrival in B1 Visa after 45 days.

Is this possible (B1 to H1B transfer) and also my petition is approved on Jan 2011 and 6 years from then will be Jan 2017 is the expiry.

So please suggest will i can utilize these kind of transfer and any suggestions or implications on this.
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You should use B-1 for travel only if you have valid reasons to use it. Do not use B-1 on pretext of entering US and then applying for COS from B-1 to H-1. Although if the COS is applied after 45 days, chances of USCIS raising concern are low, still its a misuse.

I think you will still be cap-exempt if applied in early 2017. However, it would be better to discuss the dates with new attorney once you have finalized an employer.
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